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She's backkkkkkk!

Important note: it can get warm here in NC where we will be making and shipping from, and this product is made with natural butters that may melt in transit. If your shower creme arrives melted, just allow it to set back in up a cool dark space (or the fridge!) and it will perform just like new. If you would be unhappy with this, please do not order a shower creme. We will not be issuing refunds for melted shower cremes, since they do return to normal consistency once cooled.

Our shower cremes MAY be one of our most-missed products over the sumer and we are so delighted to be able to bring you a few this sale! Each one is hand crafted in an extremely small batch, and is bottle by hand. We whip loads of organic coconut oil, creamy shea butter, and lots of other secret ingredients to make this shower creme one of the very best. 

Apply your shower creme after washing your body, but still in the shower. The creme will glide directly onto your wet skin, and our trusted emulsified recipe is made specifically to penetrate the layers of your wet skin. Gently massage the shower creme into your skin, rinse lightly (or not at all!) and pat dry.

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Available in:


FIREWOOD & FLANNEL: roasted pumpkin + charred firewood + applewood + star anise + black amber + myrrh

FALL Y'ALL: sweet pumpkin + crisp apple

THE CABIN IN ASPEN: vanilla bourbon + juicy plum + golden butterscotch + silky dahlia petals + velvet sandalwood + exotic amber + American cedar + white aspen woods